Feature Magazine Articles
A sample of articles for professionals

Dave Brown is a professional firearms instructor and firearms writer. He has been credited with multiple feature-length magazine articles in various national and international publications. Here are edited versions of some of the most popular ones:

The Rise and Fall of the .40
(The return to the 9mm Luger for police in Canada:
Blue Line Law Enforcement Magazine, Dec 2021)

Surviving Contact Weapons
(The Myth of the 21-foot Rule:
Blue Line Law Enforcement Magazine, December 2020)
Blue Line December 2020

Filming with Firearms
(Working with firearms on film sets:
American Cinematographer Magazine, June 2019)
American Cinematographer cover June 2019

The Science of Police Firearms Training
(The complete version of the article in Blue Line Magazine, December 2019)

The Next Few Minutes
(Individual first aid kits for police officers: Blue Line Magazine, February 2014)

High Tech Hearing Protection
(Originally published in Blue Line Magazine)

Flying with Air 1
(Winnipeg Police Service’s helicopter unit: cover story for Blue Line Magazine, August/September 2013)

Police Duty Firearms 2018
(Trends in police firearms for the future, Blue Line Law Magazine, December 2017)

The Benelli M4 Tactical police shotgun
(The world’s best combat shotgun: originally published in Blue Line Law Magazine)

Safety in Bear Country
(Originally published in Manitoba Hydro and Fisheries and Oceans Canada employee newsletters)

The Shotgun Speedload
(Reloading a shotgun under stress: originally published in Law Enforcement Technology Magazine)

The PROVE Procedure
(The firearms safety checking procedure: originally published in Blue Line Magazine)

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