Training Workshops
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“Practice doesn't make perfect. Only PERFECT practice makes perfect.”

Dave Brown is a professional firearms instructor who provides basic and advanced training courses to specialized clients. All workshops are custom-designed for each client and tailored to their specific needs. No public courses are available; all courses are offered ONLY to government agencies, police and military units or specially organized groups.

The following categories are currently being offered:

Film and Theatre Workshops

Firearms Safety in Film and Theatre Production
- (NEW) Taught by a professional firearms trainer with extensive experience in both stage and film, this three-hour workshop is designed to raise awareness about the importance of firearms safety in the entertainment industry, describe the nature and hazards of blanks and explain some of the basic firearms safety rules and industry guidelines on the use of firearms and replicas.

It will clearly illustrate both the hazards of using firearms in a production and the proper steps necessary to control those risks. It describes ways to work safely, quickly and effectively with cast and crew and how responsible handling of firearms will add to the story and allow cast and crew to do their jobs safely.

This workshop is designed to be fully mobile and can be presented in a classroom, stage, theatre, production office or meeting room environment.

Firearms Safety and Handling Actors Workshop - Designed specifically for actors, filmmakers and production crews, the Firearms Safety and Handling Workshop is taught exclusively in Winnipeg, Canada. This is an advanced three-day course that uses video, lecture, demonstrations, hands-on practice and live shooting to help you be safer and more comfortable around firearms. Participants will learn:

Participants handle both prop firearms and real firearms under the watchful eye of experienced instructors and practice shooting with both blanks and live ammunition in a safe and controlled environment.
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Advanced and Live-fire Training Courses

Safety in Bear Country - Working in the wilderness can be unforgiving, and it requires serious precautions. If your business is working in remote areas of Canada or the United States, you are in the back yard of some dangerous animals. There are a lot of myths about bear encounters and there is little room for outdated techniques or options that may not work when you need them the most. Learn to how spot an attack before it happens; how to deter bears using noisemakers or bear spray and learn how to keep yourself and your fellow employees alive should a sudden attack happen.

Safety in Bear Country can be structured anywhere from a one hour presentation to provide some simple tips for staying safe in bear country, to up to two full days of classroom and live-fire training.

Live-fire training shotgun uses techniques specifically designed for practical use in wilderness areas by the average person in the middle of a stressful situation. This is not the place for shotgun skills developed for target shooters or game players, nor is it the place for techniques applicable more to tactical teams. Bears do not politely stand 20 yards away, nor do they provide advance warning of predatory behaviour. Employees who live and work in bear country can suddenly be thrust into a life-threatening situation during a bear attack that will be quick, violent and over in a heartbeat.

Now mandatory for several federal agencies who work in remote areas, workshops are custom-designed for each individual client. Bears are one of the most intelligent predators on earth and learn what it means when we say that the best bear encounter in the world is the one that never happens in the first place.

Public Speaking - This one- to two-day workshop is designed to teach and enhance presentation skills, training course delivery methods and public speaking techniques. It reinforces the proper use of modern technology to deliver real learning and not just download content. With over twenty-five years experience as a training course designer and professional instructor, Dave Brown can help make anyone feel more comfortable about delivering presentations.

Mental Skills in Competition Seminar - Dave uses his background in sport psychology to illustrate how to put principles taught to elite athletes to work in target shooting and competition. He discusses goal setting, the use of imagery and how to use positive thinking to turn negatives into benefits.

Canadian Firearms Safety Courses

Canadian Firearms Safety Course
- The Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) is designed to meet the safety training requirements for firearms licence applicants in Canada. Dave Brown was one of the subject-matter experts who helped design the program, and he delivers this course exclusively to employers, training academies or government agencies in Manitoba. The focus is on the professional use of non-restricted firearms, and includes the FULL program taught over a three-day period in the client’s own workplace. There are no shortcuts in firearms safety, and there are no shortcuts in training. Clients don’t just learn how to pass the tests; they will learn how to be safer and more comfortable around firearms for the rest of their lives.

Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course - The Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC) can be delivered to the same group as an additional option to the CFSC. It focuses specifically on the professional use of handguns, and meets the safety training requirements for applicants for restricted firearm licences. The CRFSC adds an additional one or two days to the CFSC.

Law Enforcement and Professional Training
The following workshops are taught ONLY to legitimate law enforcement and government agencies. Workshops are custom-designed and individually tailored for each client:

The Patrol Shotgun - The shotgun is still one of the most versatile and effective defensive weapons in law enforcement. With modern training and sound techniques, the shotgun can work more effectively under stress than ever thought possible. Participants in a police shotgun workshop learn combat-proven methods in safety, marksmanship, speed shooting, tactical reloading, transitioning to a pistol, shooting from cover, shooting while moving and less-than-lethal options. Emphasis is on simple common-sense techniques based on the physiological and psychological effects of stress on the human body that work for everyone, regardless of previous experience with the shotgun.

Advanced Pistol Workshop - This advanced pistol workshop is designed around the specific needs of each agency. Training topics include: range and firearms safety, the draw from the holster, basic marksmanship, multiple targets, reloading under stress, jam-clearing, speed shooting, close-quarters combat, close personal protection, shooting from cover, shooting while moving, shooting while disabled, and low-light shooting. Training always acknowledges the physiological responses of the human body to stress and discusses the moral and legal justifications for the employment of deadly force. Each workshop is custom-designed for a specific issue firearm.

Individual Instruction

One-on-One Coaching
is available to certain professional clients in their own facilities. Rate is $195 per hour plus expenses.