Firearms Safety & Handling
Actors Workshop

This advanced-level workshop is designed for film and theatre professionals who are serious about their career and serious about safety. Not just for actors, this is for anyone who wants to learn how to safely and effectively use one of the common tools of the entertainment industry.

Firearms Training for Film and Theatre
The Firearms Safety & Handling Actors Workshop is for actors, producers, filmmakers, crew and other industry professionals who want to learn about firearms safety, handling and authenticity on film and theatre sets. Participants learn how to be safer and more comfortable when handling firearms on set through demonstration, lecture, video and hands-on practice in a safe and controlled environment.

This workshop is designed to raise awareness about firearms safety in the entertainment industry and explain basic safety rules and industry guidelines. Open to all industry professionals who may be dealing with firearms, it details how to keep cast and crew safe when firearms or replica firearms are being handled on set. It will also illustrate the various ways that productions can get the look they want, safely and within budget.

This hands-on workshop will increase confidence, show you how to be more safe on set and demonstrate how responsible handling can help add to the authenticity and professionalism of a production.

The workshop covers:

This is a three-day professional-level workshop that is informative, challenging and fun. The small group of participants will work one-on-one with experienced instructors to maximize safety and confidence.

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2021 workshops:
April 30 to May 02, 2021
October 29 - 31, 2021

Friday 6PM to 10PM
Saturday 10AM to 6PM
Sunday 10AM to 4PM

Three-Day Workshop
$450 Cdn total

Frequently asked questions:

1) In your workshop, you get to practice with both blank-firing firearms PLUS real handguns with live ammunition? Why not just blanks?

2) I'm nervous around firearms. Is this workshop for me?
3) We are not using real firearms in our production. We're only using replicas. What can possibly go wrong with that?
4) Why should I care about authenticity?
5) What is included?
6) What are some of the most common mistakes actors make with firearms?

Registration requires a non-refundable registration fee of $150, with balance of the course fee due one week before the class.

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With 30 years experience teaching professionals in military, police and government agencies on how to shoot firearms, instructor Dave Brown is one of few civilians considered an expert in police weapons training. As a subject matter expert, he helped design the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and literally “wrote the book” on firearms safety in Canada. With multiple articles published in international police magazines, Dave has been recognized in court as an expert witness and was invited to the House of Commons in Ottawa to share his expertise on handgun training for Canada Border Service Agency officers.

As firearms safety coordinator in film and theatre, Dave has been entrusted with the safety of thousands of cast and crew. Known for a relaxed teaching style and a dedication to safety, he has coached some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Dave has been invited to speak on the topic of firearms safety in film and theatre to workshops and conferences across Canada and the U.S. He helped design the firearms safety training module for IATSE theatre and film technicians in North America, and has been published in both Canadian Cinematographer and
American Cinematographer magazines.

"Incredible! The confidence it gives you is amazing!"

"... WAY beyond my expectations."

"Excellent instructors!”

"It provided everything I could have imagined and more."

"I went from almost fainting the first time I picked up a handgun to loading and firing one multiple times, and I felt safe at all times.”

“Movie stars are coming to Winnipeg for more than just the historic backdrops. One of the best gunslingers in the business is also here. Dave Brown helps big stars and aspiring actors learn how to shoot, and shoot back, in on-screen action scenes. Handling weapons and ammunition and making it look real is an art that doesn't come naturally to everyone.” - Global TV News, November 22, 2007

Read the interview with Dave Brown on L.A. Talk Radio’s program “Film Courage”